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Building India's Largest Assisted Commerce Platform

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Commerce through

Traditional eCommerce channels cater to India’s cities, while the needs of rural India remains largely unaddressed.

Beet attempts to reimagine the eCommerce experience for India’s first-time internet users by bringing communities together, curating products relevant to the community, and enabling assisted commerce through chat and short videos.

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Assisted commerce 
for the 
next billion users

Even though there are 780 million internet users in India, very few transact online because of trust issues and complexities in using existing commerce platforms. 

Community admins being resellers, assists the members in making purchasing decisions.


Meet Community Admins

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Beet, and here’s how these community admins make it happen.


Manage existing

offline communities

Promote commerce

through Bulk Buying

Curates products

relevant to community 

How It Works

Onboard existing


Community admins onboard their communities into Beet by creating large chat groups. Admins can easily manage their community online through Beet. 

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Run bulk buying campaigns

The community admin will run bulk buying campaigns that are relevant to their respective communities on the beet app. 

Admins facilitate product discovery

Admins introduce products relevant to the community through beet inbuild chat group and other social media channels.

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Solves the last-mile delivery problem

After successful bulk-buying campaigns community admin will receive the entire order and the items will be segregated & delivered to community members.

How it works

Why Beet?

Millions of new internet users are coming online in India. They are very different from the initial waves of internet users - be it income profiles, education levels, language skills, or social/cultural milieus. They will be driven not just by intent, but impulse too. This calls for easier product discovery, emphasis on smaller and unbranded products, prioritizing value over convenience, leveraging influencers and social media, offering bulk-buying for better pricing, using Hinglish and Indic languages, and leveraging viral content to drive customer acquisition.


With eCommerce 2.0, online shopping is likely to evolve from being a hobby to a habit. This could also see a rise in women shoppers in smaller cities, expand India’s online market and make it truly inclusive. Beet aspires to be make this change happen. 

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About Us

We’re Team Agrima, the creators of RecipeBook, India’s largest and most loved recipe platform. Recognised as Google’s Most Innovative App in 2017 and featured on Google Play Editors’ Choice, RecipeBook is a user-favourite with over 4 million users and counting!

In 2018, we launched Psyight - a food recognition engine for enterprises leveraging computer vision and video analytics. With Psyight, we’ve had successful collaborations with a number of global brands - Samsung, IKEA, Pepsi, Reliance and BigBasket, to name a few. 


Beet is the latest creation from our workbench - our attempt to reimagine how rural India experiences eCommerce, riding on our experience with managing content implementing analytics at scale.

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